Change Over Time

As I continue on this process of addressing the situation of how to help students with motor skill deficiencies, I am continusously struggling to think how to develop my product more.  I have found that this is definitely a valid concern and topic to research however want to see how my topic and/or product can be developed more.  I have a final design, well at least for the time being, and want to use it effectively once it is printed.  My question has changed in the sense of it being not only what can I create to be useful, but how can I develop this product and idea specifically to enhance the original idea.  This I have discovered is more of a personal thought/question.

In doing research, one thing that I discovered was how the need for more tools and resources for individuals who struggle with motor skills is not just in the hand writing world.  There is a larger day to day need for these individuals to continue to get help in performing different day to day tasks.  I wondered to myself if at a later date that could be something that I could help fix or address.  This meaning that simply put I could look into developing another product or tool that could be printed potentially that could help with other needs like brushing teeth, or as simple as gripping objects like the sink knobs.  Research has continued to put out more and more information linked to this that can be used to support this argument.

Lastly, my thoughts on this whole process have changed tremendously.  At first if being honest, I saw this as a normal forced to do school assignment.  However as time has gone on I have seen how there is a real need for these types of things in our world we live in.  My perspective on the question has definitely changed just from reading this post.  I can see my bigger thinking about the realness and practicality of the situation instead of just merely getting by.  I have also had a new appreciation for individuals who do this for a living to create assistive technology to help all benefit regardless if they have a disability or not.