Enduring the Process

So far I have been very interested and intrigued with this process.  I have been excited about finding a product and creating it to use in day to day life.  It is still crazy to me that all of this is possible through the use of a printer.  However with this, I have found that it isn’t just some walk in the park process.  It can be hard and challenging to make and design it online.  With tinker cad there are many great tools and aspects to be used to create your design, however it is just frustrating to get everything to work for you just the way you want it.

I really liked this idea.  At first my design in my head was big and laborious, but through the process I am finding that it may not be the best and most realistic approach to create a gripper for students.  With the link above and figuring out specifically what I want it to look like, I think I will add more outputs for this design to accommodate for different sized objects.  Overall, it is still in the early stage, but I see myself getting closer to an end goal.

Lastly, the research.  This has been something that has been all over the place.  I have found numerous amounts of research on what does and does not work, however it can be hard because how do I combine it all into one good object for production.  I have these big ideas, and multiple research backs up different techniques, however when it comes to production I think it may be to extravagant for the time allotted resources used etc. etc.  I am excited for the end result and what is to come of the design ultimately.