Beginning the Journey: Finding the research

Throughout today’s class, I learned about the complexity yet usefulness of the UGA Library system.  In particular, it really resonated with me because of how beneficial it can be towards helping me find research for my topic at hand.

One thing that stuck out to me, was the Library chat.  Having someone who knows what they are doing be able to talk to you instantly that easily any day really helps me be able to hash out my ideas of where I’m trying to find my research.  Going along with that, my topic is vague in the sense of the concept however I feel that there will not be much discussion about it since there is little emphasis on AT in the general education classroom in my opinion.

By using the different research hosts if you will, I saw how you can really establish what specifics you need to find whatever is out there.  There is also within the Library itself different periodicals from over the years, so if I am able to go find something on my topic from a while back then I can go check it out and use it to my advantage.

Lastly, the 3D printer.  One this machine blows my mind that it can work, but the ability to think something up design it and then create to physically impact and help the students immediately is amazing and also something that I think could really go along with my topic, because it could provide so many different resources and extra abilities to enhance learning in the general education classroom.


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