Finding a Purpose: The who, what, when, and why of this project

My first thought that popped into my mind was why should I create a question if it is not going to help me as I go throughout my career.  That is when I began to think about how Assistive Technology can impact and really shape the classroom when used effectively.  We always here about how AT can be used in great positive impact ways with students with disabilities which is definitely true, however I wondered what AT is out there that is not super well known that impacts the general education as a whole to help students of all abilities reach and access the curriculum in the most effective and successful way possible.

This proved to be a very fruitful and beneficial topic in my opinion, because it can really stretch across the whole spectrum of education not just k-12 but also into upper level educational systems.  All classrooms that exist are always trying to set their students up for success, and in order to do so the teacher must be set up for success as well.  I feel that there must be different AT out there both high and low tech that can help enable a teacher in a classroom to provide more effective instruction to his or her students.  I feel that many educators across the board will be interested in my question, because with the way the world is moving today, technology is always being developed.  More and more technology is being introduced to many aspects and realms of our lives.  The educational world is no different in that more of a demand and importance is being placed on technology, and thus educators of all subjects and grade levels will all be interested in finding resources and AT that can help them stay relevant and compliant with the times, as well as still provide effective and beneficial instruction.

I think the first place to begin looking for answers is merely the internet.  It has so much knowledge and resourceful material out there that I can find multiple outlets of information.  However I will also look into my practicum and reach out to current teachers in the general education setting, as they can provide their opinions and thoughts on what can and cannot help them in their day to day work.  It will give me a very insightful and helpful vantage point on where to start looking for what types of AT can be of great use and purpose in the classroom setting.

Suggest Twitter Resources:

Tina P. Monteleone — @tinamonte

Scott Rocco — @ScottRRocco

Miss Weinstein — @miss_weinstein

#edtech #gadec15


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